Hello, friends! You wanna know something…?

We got your back!

And we always got you covered!

With funny tweets, I mean!

And who doesn’t need some major laughs right about now?

I know I sure do!

So what do you say we quit the small talk and get to the funny business, okay?

Let’s go!

1. This isn’t gonna go very well.

I just have a feeling this is going downhill.

2. I would’ve volunteered but I’m already booked.

I can help you out next year, though!

3. You are making all of us so proud!

You just kept on walking!


4. You’re really gonna let this happen again?

Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? We all have!

5. I think it might be more like 65.

I’m no scientist, but that’s my gut feeling…

6. Always listen to your mother.

Even if she has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s always right!

7. I hope you gave it to her!

Hey, this is better than some big lie.

8. I knew they were faking it all along.

Don’t tell me you thought any differently!

9. Now this is some life advice that I can get behind!

You can’t get any lower so go ahead and do it! Just not on your face…

10. Here comes another lecture.

Oh, boy…

11. I learned to say NO to this a long time ago.

You can’t please everyone! So don’t even try!

12. Excel is one of the worst things you can do to your brain.

Don’t even try it!

Now it’s your turn!

Share some funny tweets and memes with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!