It’s no secret that plastic is one of the biggest pollutants in the world right now. The scientific community has been trying to get humanity to change its course, but creative artists such as Nehal Khan are also doing their part to bring awareness about.

Khan created a series of drawings about scuba divers that tackles plastic pollution in a whole new way, so check it out!

15. Misfit in a Bottle

As you can see, a lovely mermaid is


14. Tiny Scuba Diver and Mermaid

Together they tackle the mess humans have left behind.


13. Swimming in This Dreamy Ocean

The ocean’s heroes deserve a break!


12. Trapped in Plastic

A sobering and beautiful look at this environmental problem.


11. Save the Turtle

Cigarette butts and other common types of trash affect the health of sea creatures.


10. Plastic Dragon Monster

Like a hydra. You get rid of one piece of plastic, and others continue to populate the ocean.


9. Plastic Snowglobe, SOS

Environmental pollution is also having effects on the North and South Poles.


8. Hard to Breathe

This simple pattern drawing shows how it must feel for sea creatures to breathe in polluted water.


7. Mermaid in Distress


6. Stuck in Plastic

Many small animals get stuck in plastic bags, soda six-pack rings, and other items.


5. Enchanted Underwater Scene

With a cute jellyfish, to boot!


4. Possible Future Extinction

Many sea animals are in danger of extinction due to overfishing and other human-made problems.


3. Trapped in a Plastic Iceberg


3. Fishing for Rubbish


2. Rising Sea Levels

It’s evident that things need to change.


1. Tower of Plastic

Yes, those are Legos!


Environmental pollution is a major global problem, but Nehal Khan used his creativity to shed light on the issue and how we can help solve it.

Now, what do you think can be done to reduce plastic pollution? Maybe your comment can help bring about a large-scale solution!