Artist Susanna Bauer must love fragile media. She has taken to turning delicate dried leaves and finely woven cotton thread into beautiful works of art. Although the materials she uses seem frail, her pieces reflect the strength so abundant in nature.


Bauer told Bored Panda,

As you can imagine, working with fragile dry leaves requires a lot of patience and a steady hand, but the focus of my work for me lies on the effect it has on the viewer, on the ideas that flow into the compositions and the thoughts the pieces can evoke.

To create a piece that not only is intriguing as to how it is made, but also touches the viewer on a deeper level.


Her pieces start out as a collection of leaves that she sorts and ends up mounting and framing.

The artistry is only a small part of the entire process and she will usually have pieces in various states of completion around her studio at a time.


Crochet is a traditional handicraft. But Bauer pushes crochet to its limits by using it as a method for building and expression.


Since the main material is organic and easily broken, all of Bauer’s art is protected behind conservation grade glass that blocks out 99 percent of UV rays.

She drys her own leaves and says she may keep them for years before they are selected for her next work.

Each of her dried leaf works tells the story of the durability of nature and shows how great works can come from a small and patient hand.


See more of her amazing work on her website susannabauer.com.

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