That first baby can really be a huge presence for such a tiny being. It’s only natural for new parents to post photos and stories about all the cute coos and poos on social media. But our favorite artist couple uses their talent for illustration to document their life with baby.

The Tel Aviv-based artists behind the famed “One of Those Days” series, Yehuda and Maya Devir, had some difficulty in conceiving. They incorporated their fertility challenges into their art last year. But that’s all behind them now. Little Ariel is here and she’s the star of their comic as well as their lives.


Yehuda told HuffPost. “She is a very easygoing girl and happy all the time. She certainly sets a high standard for her siblings to follow.”

Their illustrations now reflect their devotion to their new daughter and the shift she’s created in their married lives.


“Of course, there is less time to be with each other alone, and our attention needs to be shared between three people now, while also running a business,” Yehuda said. “It is very complex, but we are still getting used to the changes.”


One post was captioned with prose articulating his conflicting feelings about being a dad.

It’s okay when she cries in your hands
It’s okay that she only wants her mom
It’s okay that you can’t put her to sleep
It’s okay that you still don’t understand your status
It’s okay that you don’t have that connection, that everybody is talking about
It’s okay that you still don’t understand your job definition
It’s okay that you don’t make her laugh
It’s okay that you’re tired
It’s okay that you’re angry
It’s okay that things don’t work out for you
It’s okay to ask for a hug
It’s okay to share your partner with everything you go through, even if it doesn’t seem so manly
It’s okay that your life has changed
It’s okay that your plans have been canceled
It’s okay that you have no time for anything
It’s okay to feel weak
It’s okay to be moody
It’s okay to feel lonely
It’s okay to ask for help
It’s OK…

Ariel is clearly inspiring love within the family…and their art.


Although their days are a little longer to fit in both business and parenting, it’s clear they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Soon enough, the sleepless nights will stop.


The endless worry will subside.


Life will get back to normal.


There might not be a lot of alone time.


But it’s all worth it. Every moment.


You can also follow the little family on their website, Facebook, or Patreon.

We like how Yehuda and Maya give us their honest portrayal of life with Ariel, baby slobber, poopy diapers, sweet smiles and all. For those of us with kids, we can relate. For those couples without, laugh it up now. Your turn will come…and you will love it.