Cake is always delicious and delightful, but it doesn’t always look beautiful. We’ve all had delicious pastries that look as if an untrained chef made them.

But Ben Cullen is a pastry chef that has made cakes look interesting and reportedly taste great. Known on Instagram as the_bakeking, he specializes in baking cakes that look like objects.

Some of these cakes look like ordinary foods, while others look like a half-full glass of water, or even a sculpture! Let’s check some of these out!

10. A Beautiful Turtle

It looks like it was carved out of wood!


9. Look at This Delicious Wonder!

Perfect for beach-lovers!


8. A Smorgasbord of Delicious Junk Foods

These “pizzas” and “burgers” are still sure to delight people.


7. Check Out This Realistic Pint

You could almost drink it.


6. Tim Burton Would Be Proud

This is a great-looking Beetlejuice!


5. Couture Cake

Just don’t try to unzip it.


4. Eat The MCU

This is a new way to enjoy Spiderman.


3. A Great Tribute to Notorious B.I.G.

His fans would be proud.


2. Cake Potatoes

What a way to enjoy vegetables!


1. Subway Sandwich

A sweet take on a savory sandwich.


It’s clear that Cullen not only loves making great cakes, but he also enjoys making them beautiful too! His art skills are on full display in this variety of cakes.

What did you think of these cakes? Would you ever eat one of these or would you feel strange slicing one of these open?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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