Fact: a lot of people out there who are fighting cancer and losing their hair because of treatments want to wear wigs made of human hair.

That’s where those of us who are lucky enough to be healthy come in. Enjoy these before and after photos of folks who cut off their locks and donated it to a great cause.

1. Those are some long locks!

She donated 30” of her hair to make wigs for kids with cancer.

2. A new man.

I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 years for donation. Finally cut it and feel like a new man
byu/Daveflave inpics

3. It suits you.

[IFF] I shaved my head for cancer and donated my hair for a wig!
byu/emmattack inTwoXChromosomes

4. Total transformation.

A year ago I cut off my hair and donated it. Here’s a before and after, one year difference.
byu/Drewciferr inpics

5. Raising awareness.

[deleted by user]
by inpics

6. Follow her lead.

My brother and father have leukemia. I donate my hair and blood every chance I get. Please donate as well. Every whole blood donation can save 3 lives
by inpics

7. Her fifth time!



Been growing my hair out for 5 years, today I had it cut to donate!
byu/FeatheredCat inpics

9. Going to a good cause.


10. Bye-bye hair.


Those photos are wonderful! Awwww, faith in humanity restored!

If you’re looking for something nice and charitable to do this holiday season, consider donating your locks. There’s always a need!