What would you think if things weren’t where you left them in your shed? Would you assume you were just losing your mind? That there was an intruder?

Would you ever put it down to a rodent that belonged in a children’s book instead of something more worrisome?

I have to think that most of us would react as Brit Stephen McKears did when he noticed that his shed was sometimes tidier in the morning than he’d left it the night before – that he must be misremembering.

Image Credit: YouTube

They were just little things like screws and clips, after all – easy to overlook. Or maybe it was a ghost?

It started to bother him enough that he decided to test the situation by deliberately dumping things out and scattering them around…only to find that they were neatly put back where they belonged the following day.

Image Credit: YouTube

With the help of his neighbor and wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook, McKears set up a camera in the shed and sat back to wait.

When they witnessed a mouse tidying up the mess he’d left behind – between midnight and 2:30am every night – McKears and his neighbor probably would have been less surprised if it was a ghost.

Image Credit: YouTube

The little guy was super methodical, lifting items and putting them back in the bin until his home was neat enough for a good sleep.

People think rodents are dirty, but I mean, this mouse is way cleaner than any of my kids – or my husband for that matter.

What do you think about this? Would you let him stay or evict him for other crimes?

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