If you’re wondering whether kids today are totally self-absorbed and in love with themselves…well,  I can’t answer that question for you.

But what I can tell you is that there is NO DOUBT whatsoever that they are totally hilarious and this is on full display on Twitter all the time.

And we’re big fans of it.

Because we need to be reminded that these young folks don’t take everything too seriously and that they can let loose and have a good time.

So let’s see some hilarious tweets from the teens out there!

1. Don’t mess with Dad’s cake.

Did you learn your lesson?


2. Mom sure is “extra.”

But those dogs look great!


3. Now you’ll pay attention to me.

That seemed to do the trick.


4. Dammit! Caught in the act!

And you were barely even doing anything!

5. A well-balanced lunch.

Thanks, Mom! She must be a health nut…

6. It really is fun…

Oh, never mind, she meant something else…

7. You killed a man!

That’s how bad your tests scores were!

8. Sick burn from Mom.

She speaks the truth…

9. That worked! I can’t believe it!

Didn’t see that coming…


10. Hahahaha. Amazing.

That’ll teach you to fall asleep on the bus!

11. That’s creepy as hell.

You need to have a talk with her.

Annnnnnd, that question was answered.

Yes, teenagers can be hilarious and they often are!

Now we want to hear from you!

Do you have any funny teens in your life who make you laugh on a regular basis?

If so, please tell us all about them in the comments!