Do you love cats? Yeah you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be here.

And you know that if you have a cat in your house, they are some of the most mysterious creatures you’ve ever encountered.

Here are 15 times people captured photographic evidence…

1. This one took a while.

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2. She might be right…

My cat thinks she’s a ninja…
byu/kbassett infunny

3. Find the cat.

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4. About to ruin your fun.


5. All the way up.

Over the last week our kitten has discovered she can climb shit…
byu/godofleet infunny

6. One of the toys.

My cat hiding among the stuffed animals
by incatpictures

7. It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo?”

My cat tried to hide from me
byu/tassafrass inaww

8. Blending right in.

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9. They’ll never find me in here.

Hiding from the Evil Veterinarian.
byu/berlin_a incats

10. Whiteout.

She thought I’m not gonna find her
byu/mirellakraw inaww

11. All I see is paws.

12. Doing a presentation.


13. Hiding in the jungle.


14. All the way into the fish tank.


15. About to attack.


Is your kitty like this? Yeah they are! Because they ALL are.

But here’s the thing… we need the proof! Share your photos with us in the comments. That would be PURfect! 😀