After dropping his single, “GRoCERIES,” Chance told his fans he would choose the people who made the best 10 dance videos to the song to receive free groceries for a year.

Taylor McBride, an employee of Eastern State Connecticut University, was chosen as the first winner. She made the video with her 18-month old son, Dawson. Check it out!

Dawson says winning was unexpected, telling InsideEdition.com, “I was just so excited I didn’t even tell anyone around me. I was with my sorority sisters. I texted my family right away ‘You guys, I’m about to cry, like this is so crazy.'”

McBride credits Chance’s 2016 song, “D.R.A.M. Sings Special” from his mixtape Coloring Book for inspiring her to keep her son. “Now you see Dawson here just smiling, laughing, dancing, bringing joy to so many people’s faces.”

Challenger @Aylo_SA was also called a winner.

As well as Instagram user, Offthaboat.

The challenge was a great way to combine music promotion with helping.

Chance is known for his community philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars to charities working to help people in Chicago. He also has his own non-profit, SocialWorks, a youth empowerment organization.

Way to go Chance!