There’s being cheap and then there’s just shady business, folks.

And today you’re gonna see some people admitting to some shady s**t.

Take a look at the shady life hacks that people shared to save some money…but you might not want to try any of them in your own life.

Just sayin’…

1. In bloom.

Pretty cool that this works.

2. You are awful.

At least you can admit it.

3. Did what you had to do.

How was the pizza, by the way?

4. This is just wrong.

I bet they don’t have this policy anymore.

5. Photoshop coming in handy.

Hookin’ up the homies.

6. All about the sauce.

During your student days.

7. Did what you had to do.

Can’t go without that.

8. This is awesome.

Sounds like an uncomfortable trip.

9. Nice work!

I can support this.

10. Life goals achieved.

You did it!

11. Get to work.

Can’t believe you pulled it off.

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us about your shady life hacks.

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