Are you ready for some wholesomeness that is sure to bring a huge smile to your face?

Well, let me tell you what we have in store for you today. All the sweet pooches you’re about to meet have turned 16-years-old. That in itself is quite an achievement, but there’s one more thing you need to know…these dogs are all street legal now.

Yes, that’s right. They’re old enough to drive now so we should all be a little bit more careful when we drive to the store from now on…

We’re just having a laugh, but we are happy that these pups all hit this milestone age. Let’s get to know them!

1. Had some trouble parallel barking.

I get it! Zing!

2. What a cute pooch!

Livin’ the good life!

3. Get a load of Snickers!

He loves looking out the window.

4. Still can’t figure out the clutch.

Keep practicing. You’ll get it!

5. Take a load off!

You’ve been working hard.

6. Ready for a ride?

Hop on in!

7. Hi Buffy!

She’s window watching!

8. Young and old.

This is adorable.

9. Another Sweet 16!

Still lookin’ good!

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SWEET 16 for this girl tomorrow! She has made it 16 amazing years. The last 2 she has dealt with kidney disease and beat the odds and is still here with me. Nothing but love for this dog. Happy birthday Kaida! #japanesechin #16 #sweet16dog

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10. That cake is for you!

I hope you’re hungry!

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Our sweet girl is 16 today! And even though we are celebrating Fresca Polenta, I am the lucky one. She has always been my wish come true ❤️ #italiangreyhound #rubsandwalkies #mylove #iggylife #sweet16dog

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11. Nice try…but pretty close.

You’ll be there soon enough!

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some photos of your dogs and tell us a little bit about them!

We can’t wait to meet your furry friends. Thanks!