I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention lately, but it’s become pretty trendy to share photos of pets with captions like “the album drops next week” or something similar.

And a lot of them are pretty hilarious!

So in the spirit of hilarity and praising our pets, let’s enjoy these photos people shared of their pets that could probably be album covers.

1. The White Album.

Part Two.

2. Some easy listening.

Just for you!

3. I like this one.

Very intimidating, right?

4. For all the sensitive folks out there.

Look deep into his eyes…

5. Deeeeeep thoughts.

Perfect for road trips.

6. I think this would be a good new wave album cover.

Don’t you see it?

7. Da skillz to pay da billz.

That’s right!

8. Time to get introspective.

A singer-songwriter.

9. Throw your hands in the air if you a true player!

How were you able to capture this pic? It’s perfect!

10. Now that is good.

Who took this pic?!??

11. This has to be a heavy metal album.

Am I right?

Now we wanna see your pets!

Show us some pics of your furry friends in the comments!

And let’s see some more album cover pics!

We can’t wait!