In the Most Adorable News tonight, here’s a story about a college student who turned an unused closet in her apartment into a bedroom for her dog.

Seriously… are you ready for this? Because you’re about to see the most precious damn thing in the history of preciousness.

You have been warned.

Here’s Cupid’s bedroom…

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Oh. My. God.

Where to begin!?

First, that adorbs little bed. Then a bucket full of toys. And to top it all off… a mini Christmas tree? Are you kidding me right now?!

Cupid is a chihuahua, and he’s been Betsy Redfern’s best friend since Betsy was in the third grade.

For over 12 years, they were inseparable.

So, when Betsy left home for college, Cupid naturally came along.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

Betsy wanted to make sure Cupid had his own comfortable digs in the new apartment.

Taking an old doll bed and some handmade bedding, she carved out a little nook just for Cupid.

Oh, and also her turtle Caru, who lives in a glass tank, but that’s okay because he doesn’t need much.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

And yes… if you thought that all of those outfits were Cupid’s… you were right.

All hang neatly inside his room.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

And, as you saw before, Betsy even decorated a little Christmas tree at holiday time to give a little winter cheer to Cupid.

Holidays can sometimes make people homesick, but we’re sure Betsy and Cupid felt all the love.

Photo Credit: Betsy Redfern

This is one tiny room that fits perfectly!

Awww, Cupid. You’re one lucky pup!