In any long term commitment, you have to put in a little work to keep the magic alive. Sometimes, this means really listening to one another and communicating about your feelings.

Other times, it means publicly roasting your partner in crime on any and every platform available to you. Because, you know, they can take it. And they better have a good sense of humor, otherwise… what’s the point?!

Here are 10 times when couples hilariously trolled each other on social media.

1. What’s changed?

It sounds like his life is falling apart pretty much on the regular.

2. Hopefully he tips.

Truly: this is super rude, bro! Let her in!

3. What a lucky guy!

He’ll think of her over, and over, and over all day long!

4. You’re always replaceable.

Don’t forget, husbands.

5. What is wrong with him?

There is clearly an order to this process!

I asked my husband to grab me one of my meds and he just punched a pill out of the middle at random.

6. She would know.

Surely she’d be aware if he actually had friends, right?


7. What else could he mean?

Maybe he just needs her to rattle off a few more of her best qualities.


8. How did that go for you?

I’m guessing… not that well.


9. Maybe the remote is broken.

She’ll probably find some new batteries.

10. Haha, now that’s true love!

These couples are definitely inspirational! If for no other reason then they have a lot of lols in their love life.

Which roast is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!