Being in a relationship is all about loving and supporting another person.

For some couples, it’s also all about taking every opportunity to publicly troll the person you spend so much time with.

Here are 11 times couples publicly, and hilariously, trolled each other on social media.

1. It was worth a shot.

I mean, he could have answered if he really wanted to.

2. Didn’t mean to interrupt!

Do you want a cough drop?

3. At least they know.

That will probably be pretty helpful information to have.

4. It just multiplies so quickly!

At least he’s finally learned.

5. We should all know our place.

And now he does.

6. Ooh, savage!

Dang, he really went for it.

7. Yeah… that’s it… sure!

Surely he knows exactly how lucky he is.


8. It’s rewarding every time.

Truly one of the best realizations a parent can have.

9. Maybe the remote is broken.

She’ll probably find some new batteries.

10. Haha, now that’s true love!

Just call me later. Mmmkay? Bye!

11. You had me at pizza!

Food is the foundation of the best relationships.

How many of you are now looking for your own pillow with bells on it? And how many of you like to abuse your spouse? Two for two!

Of course, spousal abuse is NOT funny, so let’s just stop that here and you can let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments!

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