In Alvin, Texas, Esther McCool laid herself down on the floor next to the student and held her.

Now, she is being called an “angel” after the way she comforted the upset little girl who has autism.

McCool works at Melba Passmore Elementary. A few weeks ago, she saw one of the 4th graders, named Kenlee, in emotional distress.

In a statement, Rachel Moore, a spokesperson for the Alvin Independent School District, said that after an “exceptionally difficult morning” stemming from noise and commotion in the cafeteria, the student, “laid down on the stage and covered her head with her blanket and when Mrs. Esther, the custodian, passed through the cafeteria, she saw Kenlee and laid down to comfort her.”

A picture of the sweet moment was posted on Facebook by Kenlee’s mother, Hollie Belew-Shaw. In the photo, her daughter is lying on a wooden floor with her blanket covering her head. McCool is stretched out beside her with her arm around the child.

Belew-Shaw posted:

Our school custodian is literally the best, sweetest individual in the world. The Hippy wanted no part of being in the cafeteria this morning with all the noise so she laid down w/her blanket on the stage. When Ms Esther saw her she came and laid next to her and patted her back. All schools should be so lucky to have their own Angel on campus.

The photo and post was shared hundreds of times.

In her statement, Moore added,

“We’re excited that Esther gets that recognition because she’s a great part of that district. Mrs. Esther exhibits everything that Alvin ISD strives to be.”

McCool and Kenlee have enjoyed a special bond for several years, with Kenlee running up to McCool regularly for hugs. Her compassion continues to make a huge impact in little Kenlee’s life at school.