Her name is Rae and she’s your typical adorable golden retriever, except for one thing.

She only has one ear on top of her head, which kind of makes her look like a unicorn.


At least according to social media, where Rae has captured the hearts of all who see her.

At birth, Rae suffered an injury that left her with only one ear. Eventually, that ear made its way to the top of her head.


Recently, Rae got herself an Instagram account and she already has more than 200,000 followers. She’s affectionately known as the “unipupper.” People call her a “beauty,” and “so cute.”

“Oh my gosh. You are perfect in every way,” said one commenter. “I can’t get enough of this cuteness,” said another.

According to Unilad, her dog-mom got a little too rough playing with her and accidentally injured her ear to the point it had to be removed.

But… and here’s the super great part… she can hear just fine with her one ear atop her head.


And, if her Instagram pics tell anything, it’s that Rae doesn’t let something like a little ear injury stop her from being so cute that she’s the internet’s unicorn.


Here are some more images of this sweet pup.


And more!


And even more!


We could do this all day.


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