A winsome weenie dog is captivating the internet with his special talent of balancing objects on his head.

Owner Paul Lavery, 30, discovered with delight that when he put squeaky toys on his dog Harlso’s head, the pup would stand stock-still. What’s a dog dad to do except give the good boy a snazzy bowtie and start balancing items of all sorts? Of course, Harlso has an Instagram account. Of course, he has over 100,000 followers.


Lavery, a social worker who lives in Belfast told Metro,

“We got him five years ago and we just fell in love with him at first sight and brought him home.”

He also said balancing is the only trick Harlso can do.


Which is fine with us, because when you can balance a purple rubber duckie on your head, you don’t need to shake hands or sit on command or any of that nonsense.


He’s also good with…

Stacks of doughnuts!


Tequila shots!


Even green St. Patrick’s Day beer!


He has a wardrobe of more than 300 bowties too. He’s quite a showboater.


Lavery is careful not to put anything heavy or dangerous on Harlso’s head. He doesn’t claim to have trained him and says Harlso may decide one day to not do it anymore.

But, we hope that day doesn’t come too soon.

Harlso’s amazing talent has won him a 2019 Webby, as well as Northern Ireland’s Social Media Personality of the Year. He’s also officially one of the Guinness World Records “Amazing Animals.”


Harlso, never stop being you. You are truly an inspiration!

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