In amusing tech news, a trusting young man recently built a Twitter bot with the sole purpose of collecting Amazon links from total strangers and buying the items online to decorate his room.

Michael Reeves didn’t want to go the traditional interior decorator route or set up boards on Pinterest. What he was willing to do, though, was crowdsource the task, putting his trust and decor in the hands of Twitter.

Because, you know, Twitter is nothing if not helpful.

“Use Twitter to decorate my room,” he posted, with his video detailing the plan.

“I don’t know how to decorate anything,” he said in the video, viewed now over 4 million times. “Now I could ask friends for help or ask an interior decorator, but that’s social interaction, and I don’t support it. So instead, I wrote a Twitter bot that lets you decide what goes in my room just by tweeting it.”

And, of course, Twitter obliged.

People were instructed to tweet Amazon links (Amazon did not sponsor this) for any item under $25 that could go into Reeves’ room. For 24-hours the bot was programmed to find the links that got tweeted with the most likes every 15 minutes and purchase the item on behalf of Reeves. The items would be sent directly to his home unreviewed by Reeves.

There are not many things Amazon doesn’t sell, so there is a delightful randomness to Reeves’ decorating scheme.

Who doesn’t love some K-pop? And, a Bangtan Boys poster is not something you would think to buy yourself…

He even received the entire Twilight Saga Collection on DVD.

That he can watch as he sits on his…

It’s so nice when a home improvement project can bring the users of Twitter together.


And it looks like he’s done. We will have to stay tuned to see what his final room looks like:

BTW, Michael has already become Internet famous for his Roomba he hacked to scream stuff when it bumps into stuff: