Puppies worldwide rejoice! Forced lockdowns, the closure of bars and restaurants, and work from home agreements now mean humans are home all day and night.

This means they now have access to cuddles, belly scratches, and games all day long! Of course, they have no idea why their humans are actually home. The reason isn’t a happy one, but they definitely see the silver lining.

One dog-owner shared a funny story about the Dachshund puppy, Rolo.


He’s so adorable, right?!

Rolo is so happy that his humans are home, he learned the hard way that there’s such a thing as too much joy.


As you know, dogs have several tell-tale ways of letting the world when they feel content.

Everything from perking up, and also wagging their tail.


Just look at Rolo happy to be quarantined at home with his lovely humans!


Unfortunately, Rolo wagged his tail too hard and sprained it!

Thankfully, the injury wasn’t serious and he was able to move it somewhat, but Rolo needed to get some rest.

As you can see, he’s still able to walk and run around outside and is recovering quite well.

Updates about Rolo went viral and people showed their concern, well wishes, and puppy photos!


Fellow puppies also sent well wishes!

Rolo because so popular that his humans even started an Instagram for him, and he seems to be quite comfortable!


Feel better Rolo! It’s nice to know that at least the world’s dogs are having great moments during these tough times.

Dog owners, how have your dogs reacted to your 24/7 presence?

We want to hear how they’re doing, and you can share your experiences in the comments.