Every so often, one reads a story online that sounds so farfetched you can only believe that it’s true. Because seriously, who could make it up?

Friends, this is one of those stories.

It all started when a woman shared that her parents bought her a house… after her dad accidentally shot her in the face.

No, seriously: in the eye, no less.

The story only gets crazier from there!

You’re already hooked, right? How could you not be?

Buckle up, because there’s a lot more coming:

Of course, her dad didn’t mean to shoot her.

He was going for something else.

And now the two definitely have a casual exchange about the whole incident.

Her dad ended up finding another, possibly even more violent, way to get rid of the woodchuck.

People pointed out that the blood oath was definitely personal.

They also seriously questioned her dad’s skills.

You probably won’t be surprised to find out this isn’t even close to the end of the story.

I bet some of you even know where this story is going!

She also took it upon herself to share a photo of her dad as a reward to everyone who followed along. It turns out he looks about how you’d expect him to!

But wait! The story isn’t over! We still haven’t gotten to the part about the cow her dad bought purely out of spite.

It turns out, surprise surprise, her dad is the kind of guy who can definitely both hold and act on a grudge.

It turns out the cow is part of a dispute with a neighbor.

Her parents have a few hobbies that the neighbor took issue with.

The neighbor decided to launch a full-on campaign against the woman’s parents.

And, unsurprisingly, her dad decided to fight fire with fire.

The cow apparently serves no purpose other than annoying the neighbor… which is pretty spectacular.

And to cap it all off, the dad even has a fancy outfit to wear while taking walks with his spite cow.

Doesn’t that story just make everything a little brighter? Yeah it does!

Let us know what your favorite part is in the comments!