If you’re lucky enough to have a dad, and a great dad at that, never take him for granted.

A 57-year-old father of three young men from the Atlanta area named Brandt Barber shared posts about his strong relationships with his three sons and they quickly went viral. What Barber did not expect was for huge numbers of strangers to reach out to him because of their own strained or nonexistent relationships with their own fathers.

This is the Instagram post where Barber described a tradition he and his sons shared.


Barber then shared a photo of him and two of his sons because one has gone away to attend the University of Georgia.


“And then there were 3. DQ tradition continued but our numbers while strong were dwindling. Me with Bryce and Luke at DQ. Soon they will head to college what then……..”

And now that his younger sons have also gone away to college, Barber shared a photo of just himself at the Dairy Queen where the four of them have gone so many times together.


“And then there was 1. DQ was never really the thing, spending time driving to and from and talking, listening to their music and watching all of them interact as brothers, now that was the thing. Maybe I’ll get by here every now and then and certainly when they are all home but with them not here it’s just ice cream. 🙂 “

People were touched by the bond that Barber shares with his sons and how sentimental he was about their trips to get ice cream together.

Many people have reached out, sending Barber Instagram follow requests (he’s now up to almost 3,600 followers) and tweets like this in response to one of his son’s, Brooks, posts.


Everybody wants a dad like this!

A dad among dads!

Savor every moment with those dads, because not everybody even has a dad.

And just so you know, Brooks posted this update about the family get-togethers.

Sounds like a great family. My heart is officially full. 🙂

Do you have a story like this? Want to just tell your dad how much you love him?

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