Dogs are man’s best friend, and this dog/human duo is a match made in heaven.

Nick Abbott is a deaf 31-year-old man who lives Maine. He recently adopted a rescue puppy, Emerson, who is also deaf. Nick has been teaching Emerson the sign language for sit, lay down, and come.

It’s a fairy tale ending for Emerson, who had a rough life before finding Nick!


At six weeks old, Emerson was rescued from a shelter in Florida. He experienced seizures, and he had canine parvovirus. After Emerson pulled through, rescue staff realized that he had hearing difficulties.

“He doesn’t let it bother him at all, though. He’s a typical puppy,” Lindsay Powers of NFR Maine told Good Morning America.

She added that she’s not sure if Emerson was born deaf or lost his hearing later. In any case, though, the pup had a hard time finding a forever home. His foster mom speculated that potential adopters were nervous about his deafness.

That’s when Nick came along.

“Right off the bat he said, ‘I’m deaf also and I feel like we’d have a good connection,'” Lindsay recalled.

She processed Nick’s application within a day, and now he and Emerson are best pals.

Nick’s mom says the two were “meant for each other.”


“It’s amazing,” she said. “Whenever they’re together, Emerson is always finding a way to lean on Nick.”

“If Nick reaches up and shakes his ear lobe, Emerson will bark — it’s so cute.”