DeAngelo Williams, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers is helping 53 women by paying for their mammograms.

His foundation, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, will cover all the costs for the mammograms in hospitals in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as in Pittsburgh.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Williams knows how important it is that women undergo this life-saving test. His mother, Sandra Hill, lost her fight with breast cancer in 2014. Four of his aunts also died of breast cancer.

In 2009, the NFL encouraged players to wear pink cleats for the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Since then, players have put on pink gear every year in October.

Yet for Williams, the fight against breast cancer is something he thinks about all year long. He approached the NFL executives with his desire to wear pink gear throughout the season. The league said no, but still emphasized their support for October’s pink outs.

NFL players are known to push boundaries and they like to sneak in tributes to loved ones they have lost to cancer and in other ways. If noticed by the league, the players are fined thousands of dollars for each infraction.

Still, the players know every week between August and February, they have a platform and some intend to use it no matter what it costs.