Misogyny is, unfortunately, still very much a part of our culture and pervades every industry, including medicine.

Yes, even highly-esteemed doctors and research publications make the mistake of judging women’s bodies. The Journal Of Vascular Surgery did just that when it published a piece on the behavior of younger vascular surgeons entitled “Prevalence Of Unprofessional Social Media Content Among Young Vascular Surgeons.” In the piece, it was women who were mostly called out.

Doctors were scolded for “provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear” and “holding/consuming alcohol” on social media.

The Internet spoke—the hashtag #medbikini soon began to trend, as women in medicine posted pictures of themselves in swimwear to show that what they do in their off-hours has no bearing on their skills in medicine.

Some older doctors in the industry also let their voices be heard.

Surgeons chimed in, too.


Other professionals in the industry pointed out that the study was flawed at best and, at worst, had some serious ethical issues. For one thing, it’s been alleged that three doctors who conducted it used fake social media accounts to get the desired results. They are also all men in their mid-30s, and their implicit bias is evident.

Some patients also felt it was a bit stalkerish.

Others pointed out the obvious misogyny.

The outcry continued, and eventually, The Journal Of Vascular Surgery did the right thing, retracted the study, and apologized. However, the study did do some good by shining a spotlight on what is no longer acceptable in modern society.

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