Hearts all over the world broke this week as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson officially said, “I do!” to his long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

Dressed in a slick white shirt and trousers, Dwayne married his love at a secret ceremony in Hawaii on August 18, 2019.

It comes as no surprise that this was an absolutely gorgeous day!


His simple Instagram post said,

“We do.

August 18th, 2019.


Pōmaikaʻi (blessed)”

And they certainly are blessed!

They met in 2006 when Johnson was filming The Game Plan and immediately fell head over heels. This power couple now has two beautiful daughters, Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3.

If you know anything about “The Rock” he’s not only a movie star and former WWE wrestler, but he has a heart of gold.

He’s not shy about sharing his incredibly sweet side on his Instagram.


From the post:

“As a father and man, I find the greatest peace and gratitude in knowing our baby girls here, Jazzy & Tia have this incredible woman’s motherly love. These little nuggets have a real shot.

Daddy’s bringing the tequila home so get ready cuz we gonna make some more babies tonight “

OMG! #Swoon


From the post:

“…Jazzy: *while looking up at me with her mama @laurenhashianofficial’s intoxicating blue eyes… BUT DADDY, I need to paint your face for work.

Me: Ok, but make sure you choose manly colors that are flattering to my complexion.

As much as I tell her no, with my crazy busy life, this is the stuff I actually love ❤️ #ohana”

Seriously, can he get any sweeter?

The feeling is definitely mutual with his wifey.


From the post:

“I already love you but to see you as a father made me fall in love you even more. ❤️

Playing and laughing constantly every time you’re together. Leading with your wisdom, guidance, patience, and compassion as they grow up. Always asking yourself how can I be the best father to each of my girls. Doing things to help me be the best mom I can…I’m so grateful. We’re so grateful.

There is really no other like you 🙂

Endlessly loving… Happy Fathers Day to our man, our protector, our heart. Thank you for being the best Dad & partner and I love you!”

Can you say “Relationship Life Goals!”

Congrats to the happy, beautiful couple! May you have many years of love and more!