A study released by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency contains guidelines about where to set household thermostats and the people can’t handle it.

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Energy Star, a joint program of the DOE and Environmental Protection Agency, recommends for optimal cooling and economy, consumers set their thermostats to a balmy 78-degrees.

Seventy-eight degrees.

And only if you are at home and awake.

What kind of hell spawned demon can sit in a house during any month spelled without an “r” that is no cooler than 78-degrees?

If you are not home and you are instead, say, walking around Walmart because they have air-conditioning and lots of it, the suggested thermostat setting for your house is a tropical 85.

After the Walmart closes and you must go back to your steamy home to sleep, you may lower your setting to 82.

This is what breaks families apart.

Twitter, which is a pretty fair barometer of what America thinks about dumb stuff had a good day with this.

Some folks care about saving money on air conditioning and some folks don’t.

Others ask an important question: Are you trying to kill babies? Because it sounds like you are and we’re sad for you. Prayers.


One user gave us an alternative energy saving plan which looks reasonable and checks out.


Consumer Reports adds that we will save approximately 3 percent on electric bills for each degree raised for air conditioning. So, figure out what your comfort is worth. Hot August nights may just blow your household budget but sleeping is good too.