When I go to a restaurant, I want things to be simple.

I want my drink in a glass, my food on a plate, and I want the waitstaff to bow down and avoid eye contact with me.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

The point I’m trying to make is that restaurants are trying WAYYYYY too hard to be hip, chic, and different with how they present their food and it just comes off as…weird.

Can’t we all just keep it simple?

Let’s hope so, but in the meantime, take a look at these dishes that were served that are just way too over the top.

1. Looks like a cult sacrifice.

Stay away from it!

Saw a bird nest post here and thought this was comparable
byu/konigswagger inWeWantPlates

2. Yikes. Please take it away.

What a mess.

Spaghetti bolognese in a bread cone
byu/Cyclonekmb inWeWantPlates

3. This is obscene.

But I’d probably still devour it…

Our sharing starter came in a sink
byu/cwsphotographer inWeWantPlates

4. Hahahaha. Insane.

I will always love you!


5. Thanks for the tip.

Do we really need the rocks at all?

“Don’t eat the rocks” – Waiter upon serving
byu/swflmeli inWeWantPlates

6. Good Lord…

Who would order this?

The jello tasted alright, nothing special
byu/CTU-24 inWeWantPlates

7. Is that really necessary?

Kind of ruined it for me…

Here’s my cocktail. With ducks. In a bath.
byu/littleshan inWeWantPlates

8. The stairway to pizza.

I’d definitely knock that thing over.

Though this really is the stairway to heaven.
byu/yespineapplebacon inWeWantPlates

9. Open your hand.

I have something for you!

Most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been. Chef literally made the starter in our hand.
byu/Zero_Boss inWeWantPlates

10. What the hell is this?!?!

Things have really taken a strange turn.

My friend was served a single potato on a tiny chair
byu/lu-ne inWeWantPlates

11. You lost me at “dead sea creature.”

Why? Whyyyyyyyy?

The one vegetarian entrée at this restaurant is served inside the shell of a dead sea creature.
byu/Nephelus inWeWantPlates

12. Come get your laundry!

Not very appetizing that way.

Shrimp on the clothesline. How is this a thing
byu/uniqueshitbag inWeWantPlates

13. This just looks terrible.

Like a crime scene…

Saw this on a friend’s Instagram. The horror.
byu/SwaggerWaggon123 inWeWantPlates

Like I said: glass, plate, no eye contact.

Oh, and the bowing down to me part.

See? Totally simple.

Have you had any weird food experiences out at restaurants?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!