Oh, parents…we can only imagine the trials and tribulations that you’re experiencing right now.

Especially if you have MORE THAN ONE KIDDO to look after during these unprecedented and turbulent times.

You’re trapped in the house with no escape and, as you can probably guess, the kids are at each others’ throats…and then that spills over to the parents who then lose their minds and turn on each other, etc.

The whole thing is just a huge fiasco!

But, at least you can laugh with some of these funny tweets from parents who are parenting siblings…let’s take a look.

1. Yeah, pretty much.

You know it’s gonna end badly…

2. You know that’s the truth!

We’ve all been there before.

3. This is gonna get ugly.

Let the crying commence.

4. Back and forth.

It’s a non-stop tug of war.

5. Please, stop! It’s gonna be okay!

Stop before Mom gets here!

6. An offer you can’t refuse.

I’d like to know the outcome of this.

7. You don’t have a choice.

You’ll do it and you’ll like it!

8. Maybe in the shin?

This is a tough one…

9. That doesn’t really help…

And that’s not what I meant.

10. Sounds delicious!

And delightful!

11. We’ll be back.

But let’s try to save time, okay?

12. Just stop it!

Didn’t really see that coming…


13. Fight to the death.

Just like the WWE.

14. Ain’t that the truth?

Happens every single time.

How about you, moms and dads?

Are your kids driving you a little bit nuts right now?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us how it’s going!