There’s cool and then there’s “old school cool”.

And today we’re going to dig into 12 examples of OLD SCHOOL COOL.

Things just seemed to be a little bit looser and a little bit hipper back in the day…but maybe folks will be saying the same thing a few decades down the road about the times we’re living in now…we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until then, enjoy these vintage pics!

1. This is so awesome!

You’ve seen it a million times!

2. He doesn’t seem too upset about it.

And the cop was a real gentleman for posing for a pic!

3. You were stylin’ and profilin’.

No doubt about that, baby!

4. Wow! What a memory.

I’m sure this brought back a lot of tough memories.

5. Your mom is the coolest person of all time.

No one would ever mess with her.

6. This guy did some great work!

And we should all thank him for it!

7. If this doesn’t represent the early 1990s, I don’t know what does.

You gotta love it!

8. Yes, they do!

I love this pic!

9. This is awesome. Old school!

Not too many people can claim they saw NWA live.

10. She looks pretty righteous.

The hair, the shoes, the jean, the whole package.

11. I bet this guy was a lot of fun.

Enjoy your retirement!

12. She definitely got some revenge.

Smokin’ hot!

Do you have some old school pics that you think are really cool?

Share some good ones with us in the comments.

This is gonna be a lot of fun!