Cancel the rest of your goat yoga classes, we’re onto something new, now: Cow cuddling. Perhaps a little expensive at $300 for 90-minutes of bovine bundling, but it’s been said close contact with animals is proven to reduce stress levels.

What kind of animal, it seems, remains unspecified.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Obviously, cows are 1,000-pound farm animals, but according to Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York, cuddling with a cow is relaxing. They even offer a “Horse & Cow Experience,” for $300 where guests are encouraged to play with the animals or just sit quietly with them.

Photo Credit: Facebook

If $300 is a little rich for your budget, book a mini session for up to 2 people for 60 minutes with a gentle cow who will listen to your worries and play with your hair (no guarantees on that last thing) for $75.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Notably, cows, like many other animals, have no need to cuddle with humans. They may not get the same mental health benefits from snuggling us, but from the descriptions and photos on the Mountain Horse Farms website, they don’t seem to mind a little nap time here and there with their two-legged friends. The animals, particularly the horses, are intuitive enough to pick up on moods and are responsive to our emotions “without judgment, ego or agenda.”

So, the next time you are feeling anxious or sad, pull on some boots, pack your best waiver-signing pen and head to the nearest farm. There’s a cow in the meadow ready to lift your spirits and love you just the way you are. Because that’s what all good cow-friends do.