You never know where technology can take you. It’s a vast universe used to connect people in ways we never thought possible. One of the craziest things is how intelligent devices (IE: iPhones, etc) have become with connecting across other devices and apps.

This story of a Florida mom proves my point. And before we get into that, let’s pause and think about how children are so quick to figure out the nuances of iPads, computers, and phones! What takes most adults hours to figure out, kids can resolve in minutes. Unbelievable.

Now onto this child meets iPhone funny story. Lauren Brown, a Senior District Manager at ADP, was going about her day. No big deal, right? Sending emails, chatting to employees, moving paperwork, all things for a normal manager to do. That is until she was copied on an email with a client. She stopped to read the cc:/to: line that read: “Poop Your Pants”.

My first reaction would have been: WTH? Who is Poop Your Pants? Then as the realization set in that is was me, I’d freak out! What would the client think? How did my colleague not see that before hitting send!? Should put in my resignation? I wouldn’t laugh about it until days later.

But Lauren kept her head up and posted this on Linkedin.

“In case you’re wondering how my career is progressing, my daughter asked #Siri to call me “Poop Your Pants” which I didn’t realize until I was copied on an email to a client. Let this be a cautionary tale to all you working parents! ???‍♀️”

LinkedIn users swarmed in, sharing their own Siri mishaps with Lauren

Marcia Boyd: My daughter did this to my dad. He’s 72 and drives for Uber and barely knows how to use his iPhone. A passenger had a question and my dad felt proud saying “oh I’ll ask Siri”. When he did, she said “here is what I found online for you, Lady Lumps”. He was so embarrassed. And it wasn’t until after he called me did he learn what lady lumps actually are! Lol. Needless to say, the passenger cracked up laughing

Christian Holden: My wife’s phone calls her stinky foot McGillicuty… And I haven’t yet told her how to undo it

Matthew Hertz: And the award for funniest post of the day goes to…….. =)
Lauren’s response: Haha I laughed too….after the shock wore off! ?

Beth Garvin: Long ago my sister asked her new iPhone to call her “Evil Queen’…learned the same lesson!

At least Lauren got over her embarrassment and shared this with the world, so we all got a good-hearted laugh.

Take this as a warning to all you moms and couples with a mischievous partners: Keep your phone locked and don’t give out the passcode!