Maybe I’m nuts, but I think that you’d actually want to be NICE and POLITE to people who you want to take out, right?

But what the heck do I know?!?!

Apparently not a whole lot…if I’m taking my cues from these folks.

Take a look at these texts from people who are looking for dates and not doing it the right way.


1. You really touched a nerve.

I guess you never know what will offend some people.

He had reading as an interest in his bio…a common one…
byu/xLadyLaurax inTinder

2. This is not a foreign language to me.

I need someone to help me decode this…

Does anyone know what she is looking for?
byu/Husswolf inTinder

3. Already making a lot of demands.

Well, isn’t that adorable?

The beard stays, but you can leave
byu/LaheyOnTheLiquor inTinder

4. Didn’t end well.

And it started off so promisingly…

Perks of being my school’s mascot
byu/Yaksho inTinder

5. Neither of them seems to be great at spelling.

Hey, you have something in common!

Got blocked lol
byu/cookiesandbread inTinder

6. A little taste of your own medicine.

I wonder how that went…

I hate these apps.
byu/ROU_Misophist inTinder

7. This person doesn’t seem very “woke”.

Read this over a few times if you need to…I know I did…

Are you a hybrid
byu/dinkleberggg inTinder

8. Stay safe out there…

This guy seems like a real gem.

9. This is hot.

And you never know when you’re going to be quizzed!

10. We got a very picky woman here.

I guess she knows what she wants, right?

Some people on here are wildin
byu/atom_the_bomb inTinder

11. Hahahaha. What the hell happened here?

This is weird.

Im literally lost. lol
byu/christinacooper186 inTinder

12. Good Lord, what a jerk.

Why on Earth would anyone act like this?

Match made in heaven!
byu/joanna4prez inTinder

What’s the worst text you ever got from someone who wanted to go out with you?

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