If there’s one gift that keeps on giving on Instagram and other social media outlets, it’s panoramic photos of animals (and people) gone horribly wrong.

And we’ve got quite a set of dogs for you today that are simply hilarious…and a little creepy if you ask me.

Are you familiar with this phenomenon yet?

I really hope that people continue to NOT know how to use the panoramic feature so we can keep enjoying photos like this.

Go ahead and take a look!

1. Come over here for some pets.

Yes, bring your entire body over here.


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2. A dangerous creature on the beach.

That is one looooooong dog.


3. Total nightmare fuel.

But you can’t look away, can you…?


4. Looks like a centipede.

This could be a new horror movie franchise.


5. Look how long your neck is!

Kinda creepy if you ask me…


6. There’s been a glitch in the matrix.

I’m freakin’ out!


7. What would you do if you saw this animal on the beach?

I know what I would do: run!


8. Large and in charge.

I hope they have a couch big enough for her.


9. This is totally epic.

He’s getting ready to skate a ramp!


10. What’s going on here?

It’s the elusive three-headed dog.


11. Don’t see this very often.

Don’t get too close to it, kids!


Now we want to see your pics!

Share some funny dog photos with us in the comments.

And if you have panorama pics of your pets or anything else, we’d like to see those, too!

We’d love to meet your pooches!