As popular as Marvel movies are, there’s one complaint that people keep having: the villains just aren’t interesting enough.

Now, I’m no superhero writer but I would like to humbly suggest the villain of Mayo Man.

His evil power? This:

You are allowed to replace any substance with mayo. What do you pick to cause the most chaos?
byu/Phrenic436 inAskReddit

Here are some suggestions and reactions to how such a power could be best utilized to cause chaos, because, Reddit.

1. The Earth’s core

I really wonder what would happen if this actually happened.

All that mayo is just going disintegrate from the rest of the mantle and heat, leaving a large cavity of the earth empty.

Would the entire world collapse because of mayo?

– LukeTheDieHardLeafer

2. Holy water

Priests just slinging mayo in the face of patrons would be hilarious.

Totally South Park worthy.

– Derick_Ruhl

3. Poop

I feel like someone’s already running the beta on this now with Birds.

– Wallstreet_Remora

4. Milk

no more baked things or chocolate or ice cream… There would be riots immediately.

– 24-Hour-Hate

5. Hard drugs

Dude, I need my fix of Hellman’s, where is it?

– UnsorryCanadian

6. Tobacco

Mmmm, white creamy c**p in your c**arette will help me and millions of others quit.

– SewerSleuth74

7. Pizza sauce

This might be the most delicious answer yet!

– MikeMazook

8. Steel

A ton of skyscrapers and other buildings would just fall down.

– PostHereIsMadeOfPost

9. My ex-girlfriend

It wouldn’t cause chaos, but I will gladly miss the point of this thread if it means that I can turn that b**ch into mayonnaise.

– Foreign_Crazy3582

10. Ketchup

Now you don’t know what the h**l to do, do you?

Fries with mayo and mayo?

– poncicle

11. Mayonnaise jars

It wouldn’t probably create lots of mayhem but the thought of it is slightly funny to me.

– Blightborne_

12. Marshmallow puff

Hear me out, only transform the inside of the Marshmallow to Mayo.

A bit more of a surprise for people

– EpicIzAwesom

13. All ink used to make the letter E

It would at least throw English-speaking countries into confusion, and create conspiracy theories and cults for decades to come.

– Exia_Gundam00

14. Every radioactive substance in Chernobyl

Maybe the radiation will go down much faster there 2.

For a hot minute, people will think some dude just n**ted all over the place

– michae1031

15. The US Presidents

Why stop there, turn all politicians to mayo

– LieutenantSteel

16. Clothing fabric

Imagine everyone walking around doin’ their thing and BAM!

Everyone’s naked and covered in mayo.

It would be…. interesting..

– Early_Context9118

17. Gorilla Glue

That tic-tock lady’s hair would be so moisturized.

– SinisterStrat

18. Glass

Pedestrians on city sidewalks would be blessed by mayo descending from the heavens and every car would be a Jeep.

– sW0NT0N

19. Egg-free Mayo

The vegans must now stop eating mayo.

– TimeToF**kPigeons

20. Thermal paste

Computers everywhere experience overheating and/or come grinding to a screeching halt.

These days I bet that’s the most chaos per volume of replaced substance.

– InsidiousTroll

21. Sand

Every window, screen and windshield turned to Mayo in an instant.

Almost all electronics become unusable, concrete buildings falling to the ground, and the beaches, oh god the beaches.

Let alone the mayhem under the sea! It’s perfect!

– Titan7856

22. Miracle Whip

FINALLY my dad will stop putting that s**t on his hot dogs

– dekuscrubber

23. Vanilla icing

Society would collapse within minutes.

– lildanta

24. Concrete

There would be a tremendous GLOSH and many people would immediately drown and get banged around by building materials and furniture in the gloppy mayo madness.

– OrgeGeorwell

25. Soap

I’m gonna puke just thinking of that. Everything everywhere would be so f**king greasy.

– Aliencj

26. Water

Imagine the snow, or Antarctica, the inuits would live inside mayo.

– xxgiiinaaxx

27. Blood

But only the blood that is outside of a body.

So, as soon as it leaves the body, it’s suddenly mayo. Imagine frantic scientists and doctors trying to explain that and ensuing panic of most people.

Then, cannibalism.

– Cyanide_Kitty_101

28. Magic spells

Somewhat unrelated, but dungeons and dragons has a magic item that can spawn various liquids.

Things like oil and acid, but for some inexplicable reason – Mayo.

I really want to hear the tales of all the heroes that saved the day with their never ending supply of Mayo.

– coniferous-1

29. Body hair

All that peach fuzz just a thin layer of mayo slime.

Now would it be there permanently or could you wipe it off? Or would it ‘regrow’ in place of hairs.

– pangeanpterodactyl

30. The sun

The mass will be there, and assuming this replacement doesn’t get rid of all the stored thermal energy you’ll have enough energy to at least support hydrogen fusion in the core, however mayo consists of a lot of organic compounds.

These compounds would quickly break up in the core, and the hydrogen would likely able to fuse, but the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen will all be inert.

This will significantly shorten the stars lifespan, as this extremely large core of inert materials will form a dead core and push the star into its dying phases.

– danfay222

Honestly, you can just replace all the Miracle Whip in the universe with nothing cause that stuff has gotta go.

What would you do with this superpower?

Tell us in the comments.