Dad jokes are totally universal. They stretch across all ages, countries, religions, etc.

Dads are just…Dads.

And they all have corny jokes that you have to admit are pretty funny sometimes.

These Dad jokes are not only funny but they’re PUNNY.

Y’all ready for this? Let’s take a look!

1. A little Dad math humor for you.

A real zinger, Pops!

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2. Hahahaha. Such a Dad joke.

Get it? Post!!!!

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3. This will bring the house down.

You have to say it with confidence, Dads.

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4. Now I can see it clearly.

You need to be able to see those numbers.

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5. Welcome to the family.

That’s quite a long program.

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6. Okay, okay, now this is pretty good.

You have to admit…

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7. An easy one for all the fathers out there.

Feel free to use it, okay?

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8. A zinger if I’ve ever seen one.

Which weighs more…

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9. A very timely joke.

But remember to keep your distance!

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10. A whole lot of nickels.

I’d be a rich man.

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11. This might be my favorite.

An explosion of laughter.

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12. Have you added this app yet?

Another good one!

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Dads…you never let us down with your jokes!

And we salute you for that!

Now we want to hear from the readers out there.

In the comments, please share your funniest Dad joke with us. Let’s see what you got!