I feel like this pandemic has gone either two ways for people in terms of eating: you’ve even decided to eat healthy and get in shape…or you’ve holed up in your house and you’re eating yourself into oblivion.

Full disclosure: I’m somewhere in the middle during this quarantine. I’ve definitely lost some weight and am getting outside to exercise on a regular basis, but there are just some nights where you just have to support the local pizza joint up the street, ya know?

But one thing is for sure: the pandemic has definitely had a big impact on the eating habits of folks out there.

Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

1. Dinner is served!

Nothing wrong with that.

2. Yes. Yes, it is.

Might as well eat as much as possible if the world is ending.

3. That was determined to be FALSE.

We’ve been sold a lie all these years.

4. No changes here.

Everything is perfectly normal.

5. Oh, it does.

We’ve all learned this lesson the hard way.

6. What is this life?

What does it all mean?

7. Play-Doh actually tastes pretty good.

I remember it well…

8. As much as you want.

Don’t even think twice about it!

9. I might be able to make it.

I need to look at my schedule.

10. It’s growing…

Just go with it. Don’t fight it!

11. That’s actually not a bad idea.

Will you be my new life coach?

12. Are you sure about that?

Everything seems normal to me…

13. This guy is doing just fine.

Don’t you think so?


14. Here’s what today looks like.

Not a bad day!

How about you?

What have you been devouring during this lockdown?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know what you’ve been up to! Thanks a lot!