I need some big laughs in my life right about now.

I’m talking about some big guffaws from the bottom of my stomach that really relieve some stress and make me forget about the troubles of the world for a few minutes.

Is that too much to ask?

I didn’t think so!

So what about you?

Are you gonna join me on this excellent adventure of LOLs? Does that sound agreeable to you?

If so, let’s get started right now!

1. We thought we were gonna be proud of you for a second there.

Never mind!

2. Sorry, no refunds.

Haven’t you ever heard of “Buyer Beware”?


3. I’m still not going anywhere.

Hats off to this mentality!


4. Let’s switch gears and talk about something else.

The weather, perhaps?


5. I think you should give it a shot.

You got nothing to lose!

6. Today might not be the most productive day.

But just do your best, okay?

7. This is just weird.

And it’s a sign of the times.


8. You’re not using that the right way!

I’m just sayin’… you could soften the blow with some tears.

9. Better start that one over.

And try not to blink this time!

10. It’s gonna be a long, painful summer.

You better invest in some bug spray immediately, kids!

Let’s keep the good times rolling, shall we?

In the comments, please share some more funny tweets that you think will make us laugh. We also accept memes, jokes, photos, etc. Anything that you think will make us laugh!

Thanks in advance!