No doubt about it, we could all use a little bit more laughter in our lives these days.

So what can we do about it…?

I know! Tweets! Hilarious tweets that are guaranteed to make all of us laugh and to put a big smile on our frowning faces.

What do you say? Does that sound agreeable to all of you ladies and gentlemen out there?

Okay, let’s start now and put an end to the gloom! Yay!

1. Some truth right here.

Married folks, what do you think?

2. What the hell happened here?

This did not work out very well, did it?


3. I bet it smells great in there.

Just take it all in..

4. Sometimes, you just know.

Well, isn’t that romantic?


5. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

It’s the least they can do…

6. Time to quit the OG.

You did what you had to do.

7. You can’t keep yourself occupied?

You have all kinds of options!


8. Yeah, taxes are no fun.

You mean we have to do this every single year?

9. I have a feeling she threw that in a dumpster.

It’s just a hunch I have…

10. Some nice family time.

It’s just so relaxing…

11. Hmmm…never mind…

Are you a little bit bummed out right now?

12. Yeah, that’s true.

You make a great point, sir!

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, share something really funny that you’ve seen on social media lately.

We want tweets, memes, photos, jokes, all the funny stuff.

Please and thank you!