Generation X, or Gen X, encompasses everyone born between the years of 1965 and 1980. Gen Xers are known for being direct, independent, and straight-forward.

The generation also came of age during the glory years of MTV, and are associated with the grunge subgenre that sprang up in the 1990s.

Gen Xers definitely have their own brand of humor, and it’s not always immediately accessible to people who are from other generations.

Here are 15 tweets that anyone born in Gen X will get, but that just might not be that funny to literally anyone else.

1. Same difference.

Seriously, we all really know what a Karen is.


2. The accuracy!

And you know they’d all go scurrying off to check it out.

3. Hello, hello, hello…

What a classic.

4. They can’t be bothered.

Like, to do anything.

5. The answer is yes.

As a Millennial, I definitely treasure this memory.

6. And they’re all just fine.

Fish sticks, though?

7. Sounds nightmarish.

Thank you, internet!

8. The mom!

She was truly the Queen of Darkness for Gen X.

9. It is what they do!

You have to make sure the kids understand.


10. Gen X confuses everyone.

This is a great example of both how and why.

11. The best of both worlds.

Daria, you are the light.

12. Lockdown champions.

It’s true.

13. Mixtapes forever.

Someone should really bring these back.

14. Truly, a massive failure.

You still have time!

15. At least they recognize.

Avocado toast is for everyone.

What did you think about those Gen X tweets? Some are really hilarious.

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