Grandmother, church organist, music teacher and badass drummer, Dorothea Taylor, is not ready to give up rockin’.

And, believe me, her rockin’ has nothing to do with chairs.

Check out this video, fam!

Yeah, Dorothea Taylor rocks it out on the regular!

When she shows up to auditions or studio sessions with a pair of drumsticks, others assume she’s holding knitting needles and show her a seat in the corner. She routinely shrugs them off and takes her rightful throne–behind massive drum kits ready to let the sticks fly.

Known as the Godmother of Drumming, Taylor has been playing drums for 55 years, ever since she joined a drum and bugle corps in Michigan when she was 13 years old.

By high school, she was playing drums in a band five nights a week and was teaching drumline.

Through the decades, she played with polka bands and rock bands, and performed in theater groups, churches, symphonies and orchestras.

Her Instagram account is full of videos and inspiration–including her kitchen warm-ups.


“No matter how good you are, how old you are, we’re all still part of a drumming family,” she says.

These days, she enjoys teaching others how to play. Still her main message is don’t judge others by what they look like. Musicians come in all shapes, sizes…and ages!

Pretty cool, right? You could learn a ton from this amazing artist!

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