A California teenager was disappointed to find herself without a date for prom. Enter Grandpa who turned her special evening into a fabulous family bonding experience.

Seventeen year-old Kaylah Bell, a student at Lancaster High School, tweeted the story of how her grandfather came through for her–in style. She wrote, “My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me!”

Her tweet included several photos of the dashing couple. Kaylah looked gorgeous in a pink, blue and purple flower-patterned satin gown inspired by Mary, Queen of Scots. Her wrap was a dramatic cape with jeweled brooch closure. Alvin Hackett, aged 64, dazzled in his suit of blue-pinstripe with pink tie and pocket square.

Both of them wore amazing smiles. And the whole internet smiled with them.

Other girls shared pics of their matchy-match grandfathers who obviously love them so very much.

Great fathers and grandfathers are an inspiration to their girls.

And, apparently, Kaylah’s grandfather is just a suave dude all the time. He’s a pastor and has a whole wardrobe of Steve Harvey-esque suits. Every Sunday, the whole family goes to church looking fabulous.

Kaylah received many compliments and comments about how crazy it was she didn’t have a prom date. Kaylah, though, is a level-headed young lady and wasn’t too worried about not having a guy. She told Yahoo Lifestyle the boys she was talking to “flaked.”


“It was really hard to find someone to commit to being my prom date.” But she knew all along that her grandfather was ready to step up. “Everybody was in awe,” she said about the moment they arrived at the dance. “People were like, ‘you guys are so cute.'”

In hindsight, she wouldn’t have it any other way. The senior is heading to Azusa Pacific University in the fall.

“It means a great big deal to me because my grandpa can’t stay forever,” Kaylah says. “It’s a happy memory I can always look back on.”