Just from the title of this article alone, you know there’s gonna be a lot of drama going on.

A guy…who is 25-years-old…asked the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if the plan he proposed to his girlfriend that involved their bed and his younger brother is he went over the line…

Oh boy, let’s take a look…

AITA for wanting my girlfriend and my brother to take turns on the bed while they’re staying with me?

“Basically my little brother [19M] is going to be staying with me [25M] and my girlfriend [24F] for a little while.

We have one bed that’s pretty big and comfy and a s**tty pull-out in the living room that no one wants to sleep in.

I said to be fair she and him should take turns on the pull-out every other night, and the other one can sleep in the bed with me.

My girlfriend doesn’t like this idea and says since she actually lives here she shouldn’t have to sleep on the pull-out when my brother is just a guest, but since it’s my house I think it’s perfectly fair of me to decide on the sleeping arrangements.”

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This reader said that this guy is an a**hole because it’s his girlfriend’s home, too.

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Another person said this guy should just break up with her so she can get on with her life.

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And this individual went a little bit farther and said maybe the brother and the girlfriend should hook up as part of this arrangement…hmmmm…

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And lastly, this reader said that this guy seems to be pretty clueless.

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