You might think their numbers are dwindling, but you really gotta keep an eye on those Karens out there…

And here’s a story about how Karens are still lurking in the wild…But you also might get a big kick out of it because this Karen got what she had coming to her.

Let’s see what happened.

No black eyed peas for Karens

“So I live in the South (Texas specifically), and down here there’s a tradition that every good southern home makes and eats black eyed peas for New Years.

It’s supposed to bring good luck in the coming year. I’m not crazy superstitious but I’m not taking any chances with 2021. Well being the organized human I am, I left this until the last minute and only remembered when my boyfriend asked if I’d picked up some peas on my last grocery run. So I bolt out the door and head for the nearest grocery store. I went to four stores looking for these little b*stards!

But the time I get to the last store I’m ready to take anything (frozen, canned, pre-made whatever) or call it quits. I decide to check the aisle with dried beans first, in the slim hope I could find the real deal. And as I round the corner for the aisle I can see a lady has cornered some poor stock boy and has his back against the wall of beans. She’s full on wagging her finger in his face and ripping into him.

Karen: what do you mean you don’t have any black eyed peas? I saw you restocking these shelves with beans and need them for tonight! Don’t you understand tradition?!

Employee: Ma’am I don’t think we have any left. If they aren’t in the display case, then we’re probably out. But we do have canned and frozen-

Karen: NO! I don’t want canned or frozen! I need REAL BLACK EYED PEAS!

She continues to ream out this poor kid as I walk to the other side of them and to the shelf where the black eyed peas are usually stored. Call it a hunch or a blind hope but I crouched down to look all the way in the back and sure enough there were two bags left, tucked away in the shadows.

I fished them out with a little difficulty (yay for having short arms) and by the time I got them both out, Karen had taken notice. When she saw me pull out the peas she gasped. Literally gasped like I had unmasked the villain in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

Karen: So you DO have black eyed peas! You lied to me! You ought to be ashamed of yourself young man! Excuse me, miss? One of those bags is mine.

She then holds out one hand and curls her fingers in a “fork ‘em over” motion. Now I could have given her the bag. I only needed one. But dammit, I used to work retail and I can tell you that poor employee was not paid enough to deal with her attitude. Especially not this year.

So I put on my best smile and said, “Sorry ma’am. I need these for my own New Years Eve. Tradition, you know?” And plopped them into my basket.

She had a fit! Called me a selfish millennial brat with no respect for her elders and asked “what was her family supposed to do now?!” I kept my head held high, squashed down my inner, anxious people-pleasing side of me, and headed for the register. I’m now doing a quick soak of the beans and drinking a celebratory mimosa.

Enjoy your unlucky 2021 Karen!

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