If you’re in a relationship or you’re married, you know that there are certain people who can make your life…challenging.

And a man found himself in a complicated situation when he demanded that his own wife choose between him and her best friend.

Talk about picking a side, huh?

Read on to see what happened.

AITA For making my wife choose between me and her best friend?

“I (M 36) am preparing for my upcoming surgery at the end of May.

I have respiratory condition that I have been suffering from and my wife has been very supportive and accommodating of all my needs. She has endured so much by shouldering this burden with me and I can never describe how much supportive she’s been with everything that has been going on with me.

The problem is that her best friend’s wedding is at the end of may, specifically on the 27th and my surgery takes place the exact same date. Now 27th was not the original date of her friend’s wedding it was supposed to be on may 18th but got changed. Her friend informed us about it on short notice. And my wife wanted to go but it’s a 8_hour trip since the wedding will be held in the groom’s hometown.

My wife and I discussed this, and I bluntly told her I needed her there for my surgery. She told me that that’s her best friend and this will hopefully be her only wedding and she wanted to attend.

She asked if I could get a friend as my support but I just didn’t think this was right I was even puzzled that she asked me to get a substitute while she goes to her friend’s wedding. I asked if her friend’s wedding was more important than my health.

She argued that there was nothing wrong with it and I won’t need her since the medical team will take care of me. Then She said that by refusing I was making her choose betwen me and her best friend. We went back n’ forth on this argument and she insisted she wants to attend her friend’s wedding.

I told her she was being unreasonable and I never expected her to prioritize a wedding over my health. She loudly yelled “what do you want me to do?, I might lose my friend over this” then stopped talking to me.

I think I handled this badly and acted in ungrateful manner but I think she’s the one who doesn’t understand the difference since my surgery is an emergency and if her best friend is a good friend then she’d understand, right?.

So am I wrong for what I said?”

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