Hey, I’m not gonna lie: living with someone who is a slob can really wear a person down.

But is it okay to call someone out if you don’t like their grooming habits?

Especially if you live with them?

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AITA for criticizing my roommate’s grooming habits harshly?

“Hey all. I (26m) currently live in a rented apartment with my roommate (24m). Recently we’ve been running into some issues because of his grooming.

I occasionally noticed a funk coming off of him, and a few times it got bad enough to ask him to take a shower because it was distracting me and grossing me out. He apologized, and said he had a lessened sense of smell, which made him less likely to realize he needed a shower. Sounded kinda BS to me, but he showered, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Our apartment has two full bathrooms in the hallway, and I ordered a bidet for mine. The other day, I was installing it, and he happened upon me doing so. He asked what it was for, and I explained. He chuckled, and said “You gay guys are something else.” I laughed and said, “It’s less invasive than toilet paper, and more effective!” and he laughed and said “Yeah, but I don’t use that either!”

Something clicked in my head, and I asked him for clarification. Apparently he never wipes. He says he thinks it’s gross to “rub [his] a** with a piece of paper that doesn’t really do anything.” He said no straight guy does, and it’s not a big deal. I asked what he does if he eats taco bell or something, and he said he just takes a shower.

I asked what if he’s in a public bathroom. He says he waits until he gets home. I then asked if he washes his butt in the shower and he said that the soap from his back drips down and takes care of it.

At this point I was basically gagging, and told him he can’t sit on any of the furniture I pay for (which is most of it) until he wipes and washes his crusty a**. He got mad, and says the only reason I care is because I get f**ked in mine, to which I responded that I’m a top.

He got p**sy and left after this, and I haven’t seen him since. I called his girlfriend to ask if she has heard from him, and she said he came over, explained the situation, she got grossed out, and he left her place. I feel kinda bad for not viewing this as a “he doesn’t know the right way” situation rather than the more antagonistic turn it took.


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