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AITA for telling my half sisters they need to seek help and leave my mom alone?

“I’m 19m and this is about my older half sisters.

My dad had them with a high school girlfriend but was never in their lives (he’d sleep with her a few times and just never be involved with the girls). She was a train wreck and he made a promise to her parents that he would take them if she got so bad they were suffering for it.

But he never planned to keep the promise and he never told anyone about them, never supported them or anything. So he married my mom and she had no idea. Then when she was pregnant with me the grandparents showed up and said the girls were not being taken care of and he needed to step up and be their dad.

My mom was home on her own and was in so much shock. The girls were 6 and 8 at the time, and were 7 and 9 by the time I was born, I think. Dad got home after several hours and once he realized mom wasn’t handling it like some saint he was trying to talk her into them raising them together. She didn’t want to stay with a liar or raise someone else’s kids so she left him and they divorced when I was 4 months old.

Dear old dad didn’t want them either and would allow them to fixate on my mom. He tried to pawn them off on her many times. He’d ask in front of me for her to take them. He’d try to get her co-parenting the three of us instead of just me. Mom always kept firm and tried to keep that stuff away from me but dad never did.

The girls spent years wanting mom to be their mom. They were in their teens and trying to use me to get mom to adopt them and stuff of that nature. It was sad. It was awkward as hell for me. The pressure was a lot. I h**ed dad and when I was 14 I stopped seeing him, and by extension the girls, who still lived with him.

Then a couple of years ago they made contact with me and tried to have a relationship again. But they were still so fixated on mom and it made me uncomfortable so I always tried to avoid heavy topics with them.

A couple of weeks ago while I was at mom’s, they showed up and started yelling at mom and telling her that she was a piece of s**t and she became their mom the moment she married dad and should have been there for them.

They told her she owed them as much as she owed me and how could she not love them. I stepped in and told them they needed to leave and that mom was not their mom and they needed to accept that. It took some time but they left after I told them they needed to seek help to get over their fixation on mom and learn to accept that she’s not their mom.

I told them they need to stay away from mom, leave her alone, and work on themselves. They texted me after that I was an a**hole just like her and they deserved so much better.


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