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AITA for walking out of my sister’s wedding after she tried to use me as free childcare?

“A few months ago my (31M) sister (29F) announced that she was going to get married. The planning process took a while but the date and venue were agreed on. Now, my sister has a baby (1M) that just loves to cry. He cries all the time, unless someone takes him outside for fresh air.

So a few days ago the wedding started. Because I was out of town I missed the night before the wedding (basically a get-together period for family members and a big party) but showed up for the ceremony and reception. The second I got there my sister asked me to take the baby outside in order to calm him down.

I agreed because the ceremony hadn’t started yet, but she asked me to take the baby outside again a while later. When I asked why the baby didn’t have a sitter, she said that they spent all the money on the ceremony and parties.

I was kind of annoyed because I wanted to sit in on the ceremony, but just about everyone jumped on me telling me to do my sister a favour and that “it was her day”. I asked her about when I was expected to take the baby out for fresh air, and she gave me this huge list of times that basically meant I missed out on the important parts. I wouldn’t be there for the exchanging of vows, the reception, the aisle walk, the readings, the kiss, etc.

I figured out that in total I would have about 30 minutes actually sitting inside, and the rest was just about the baby. When I pointed this out to her she said someone would videotape it for me but I wasn’t convinced. I wanted to watch my sister reach a milestone, and that was what I came for.

I told her that someone else could watch the baby for her, and that as her brother I wanted to watch the wedding, and not have to miss her getting married. Again, she told me to “just do it”.

I was really mad, but tried not to show it on the outside. When I asked about the reception, she told me, “Oh, you’ll have to miss out. [Baby’s name] needs to be outside and has to be fed.”

That was the final straw, and when my mother was holding the baby I slipped out and just left.

The next day I get a call from my sister, and she’s screaming about how I ruined her wedding and how the baby wouldn’t stop crying. I told her that I left because she treated me like a babysitter instead of a guest/family member, and said that it was her fault if she couldn’t get a nanny or ask a friend to do it.

Since then I’ve been nuked with calls from family calling me selfish and telling me that I’m effectively disowned unless I apologize. I see no reason to.


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