These kinds of photo sets get me every single time. To see how far an animal can go during its life when it is given a safe home and comfort is heartwarming, to say the least.

And these snapshots of cats before and after adoption are pretty perfect.

Enjoy these sweet pictures.

1. Living like a prince.

Our sweet Cousteau! From a scrawny street kitty in New Orleans to a prince living in Paris ♥️
byu/Sn0wb0und inBeforeNAfterAdoption

2. Look at him now.

Some wonderful soul found this little guy on the street cuddled up in a plastic container. 3 years later, he is the happiest, sweetest, most playful, curious cat. Love him so much and thank you wonderful soul, whomever you are.
byu/fictionnation inBeforeNAfterAdoption

3. You’re coming with me.

One month ago, I found this baby in the wheel of my forklift at work. Now she lives at home with me. Meet Emmy (6 weeks Vs 10 weeks)
by inBeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Look at that face!

When I first saw her Sela was a sick, underweight, flea infested stray the local pound picked up. Today we celebrated her 1 year adoption day, matching party hats and all!
byu/GrilledBeesSandwich inBeforeNAfterAdoption

5. A sweet, old gal.

10 year old girl neglected by previous owners. Took a while to come out of her shell, she’s the sweetest old gal
byu/BurntAshBowl inBeforeNAfterAdoption

6. He’s doing great!

This is River. At the shelter, he was shaved as his fur was extremely matted and riddled with flees. He had coccidia and conjunctivitis. After some medicine and tlc, he’s doing amazing! He’s the most loving and affectionate kitty ever, always snuggling up and kissing me! I’ve had him for 4 months
byu/sunshine1099 inBeforeNAfterAdoption

7. He came around.

A year ago, I adopted my friend. I was told he would probably never pay much attention to me or like to cuddle since he had spent most of his young life as a feral cat, then hiding in a cage. In about a month, I couldn’t get him off my lap. Cuddliest cat ever. He just needed some love.
byu/freezedriedstawberry inBeforeNAfterAdoption

8. A big difference.

I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One month difference. Part 2.
byu/alinaesther inaww

9. A noticeable change.

My mom asked for a before & after of my rescue kitty, Brimley, which got me digging. I can’t believe he’s the same cat.
by inaww

10. The heart of a lion.

11. Member of the family.

“We’re just going to foster him,” – my mother, in May of 2015
byu/Jombo65 inBeforeNAfterAdoption

12. Looking good!

My Midnight’s transformation
byu/chickinkyiv inBeforeNAfterAdoption

13. Brothers for life.

These two cat brothers were rescued from the street and they are as inseparable today as they were the day I found them
byu/ad0460 inBeforeNAfterAdoption

Those photos really made me tear up a little bit.

Do you have an adopted pet? Dog? Cat? Gerbil? Snake?

Share a pic with us in the comments and tell us all about them!